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French Translations specializes in the translation of technical, regulatory, clinical and marketing documentation, software, and training programs for the life sciences, pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Most countries in the world require that documentation and labeling for drugs and medical devices marketed abroad be translated into the national languages. Furthermore, clinical trial documentation also requires translation so that clinicians, patients and local regulatory representatives can read them. Submissions for regulatory approvals should also be translated. Since 2015, we have processed around 4 million words of text for translation of documents of the following types:

  • Clinical trial management: informed consent forms, patient information sheets, protocol summaries/synopses, research brochures, study reports, research agreements, case report forms (CRFs), digital solutions for patients and healthcare professionals, patient interviews and health questionnaires, assessment tools, correspondence, etc.

  • Information on medicinal products/medical devices: patient leaflets, summary of product characteristics (SmPCs), packaging and labels, safety data sheets, product specifications, package descriptions, pharmaceutical articles, drug safety reports, etc.

  • Regulatory submissions: translations in the context of product marketing authorization (MA) procedures, clinical trial applications, applications for an ethics committee opinion, other correspondences.

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