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A team of specialists

  • Project Manager – Primary point of contact responsible for ensuring that your translation project is delivered on time and with the highest quality. The project manager will be your contact person helping you develop your project requirements and ensure that they are followed while utilizing our assets to best address your needs. Your project manager will offer advice and answer your questions. In order to manage your most complex projects, he/she has a perfect grasp of the various stages of the project, mobilizes resources and skills required and coordinates all tasks so that the service we provide meets your specific needs.

  • Specialized Translator – Cornerstone of our service, the specialized translator, selected for each project from a pool of specialists, translates your document and ensures quality while following strict procedures. We only select professional translators translating into their mother tongue and with extensive prior experience in the required field. Our translators’ experience will ensure that we deliver translations of the highest quality as is expected in your industry.

  • Quality/Subject-matter specialist – As part of our translation process, the document you need translated will be reviewed by a quality specialist or a subject-matter specialist, or both, as applicable, to ensure that the final document delivered to you adequately meets your needs in terms of terminology and presentation. This step of the process is our commitment to a high-quality result tailored to your needs.

  • DTP Specialist – DTP, which stands for Desktop Publishing, refers to the creation of documents using desktop publishing software for the layout of your documents to be printed. You may require this service when your translated document is to be published (or distributed). If printing is required, DTP is needed since most of the time the translation process involves differences in the size of your documents due to the length of the target language differing from the source language (a text written in French will generally be 15 to 20% longer than a text written in English), and a resizing of text and images would therefore be needed.

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