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About us

Who we are

French Translations is a translation company specializing in English to French translations for healthcare and healthcare IT businesses. It was created by: 

  • Valérie, professional translator, who holds a master’s degree in Applied Foreign Languages from the Sorbonne Nouvelle University in Paris and a master’s degree in Management of International Affairs from a business school in Paris (CESCI). After 15 years of experience working as an in-house translator and consultant for multinational companies in the life sciences and in healthcare technology sectors (EMR and other medical software solutions), in 2015 Valérie established herself as a freelance translator expanding her translation experience in the life sciences and pharmaceutical industries. Valérie is a member of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association (ITIA), and as such adheres to the ITIA’s code of practice and professional ethics.

Over time, we have built a network of highly qualified and specialized translators with strong linguistic qualifications, an extensive professional experience and who meet the same professional standards as we do. Hence, we stand by what we can do best:

  •  translate in our mother tongue only!

  • work in our fields of specialization only!

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